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Everything Avon
Sacramento County, Yolo County, & Merced County 
25th-Jun-2009 02:58 am

1. Name: Sherry

2. Age: 27

3. Location: Sacremento, CA and Los Banos, CA

4. Status (married, single, etc.): Separated

5. Kids/Pets: No kids. 1 dog, a welsh corgy named MAJYCK

6. Avon website (if you have one): http://sherrypeck.avonrepresentative.com

7. Avon Status (Rep, Beauty Advisor, President's Club, etc.): REP

8. How long have you been selling Avon: 2 weeks

9. What is your favorite Avon product: OOH! *Definatly* roll on eyeshadow and skin-so-soft Light-N-Luscious body wash!

10. What do you love best about Avon: GREAT quality products for CHEAP prices!

11. What's your least favorite thing about Avon: Not being able to find customers?

11. How did you find our community: I Looked for it :D

12. Anything else (pictures, questions, etc.): NOPE!

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