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Everything Avon
Hello!! New Rep! 
18th-Aug-2009 02:19 pm
fuck bunnies

<b>1. Name:</b> Kelly Wood
<b>2. Age:</b> 28
<b>3. Location:</b> Belvidere, IL
<b>4. Status (married, single, etc.):</b> In a relationship
<b>5. Kids/Pets:</b> 0/his lab, Cody lol
<b>6. Avon website (if you have one):</b> http://www.youravon.com/kwood9064
<b>7. Avon Status (Rep, Beauty Advisor, President's Club, etc.):</b>Rep
<b>8. How long have you been selling Avon:</b> 23 hours :D lol
<b>9. What is your favorite Avon product:</b> my strawberry lipgloss
<b>10. What do you love best about Avon:</b> I love that I can continue doing something that my grandmother did, while supporting breast cancer awareness.
<b>11. What's your least favorite thing about Avon:</b> hmm. I'd have to think hard about that.
<b>11. How did you find our community:</b> I went searching :)
<b>12. Anything else (pictures, questions, etc.):</b> um, nope not yet!
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